NorthWest Metals, nestled in the Northern edge of Montana, stands as a locally owned gem. Their family-run ethos fuels their dedication to delivering impeccable metal products and services to the local community. Their brand identity features a striking yet refined logo, an elegant industrial color palette, and enduring typography. Designed for longevity, this brand will transcend generations.

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Business Challenges and Needs

The client’s previous website was severely outdated and didn’t accurately represent the business. It lacked functionality and clear messaging about their products and services, and most importantly, it wasn’t mobile-friendly. Additionally, the website didn’t have essential features like contact forms or clear contact information, making it hard for potential clients to reach out. Vital details such as business hours and contact information were also missing, which affected customer engagement. Moreover, there was a significant lack of information about the company’s services and products, including visuals, which are essential for attracting and informing potential customers. Improving these aspects was crucial for enhancing the client’s online presence and driving business growth.


To address the client’s challenges and needs effectively, we took a comprehensive approach. First, we visited the client’s business location to immerse ourselves in their values and culture, ensuring our solutions aligned with their brand identity. We then developed a new set of branding colors and refreshed their logo to modernize their image. Our team created a functional website that not only showcased detailed product information but also featured professional product photography to enhance visual appeal. We clarified the client’s business services to provide better understanding to potential customers. Additionally, we implemented a robust contact form tool to simplify communication with clients. Migrating all business email accounts to an affordable, business-class email hosting solution ensured smoother communication internally and externally. The website was meticulously designed to be responsive across all desktop and mobile devices, providing an optimal user experience. With scalability in mind, the technology platform is primed to evolve alongside the business’s future requirements.

The Website

The Logo