TechFlora is comprised of seven exceptional and dedicated professionals who bring their distinct skills and passion to the forefront. Our team is a vibrant blend of business growth strategists, digital marketing experts, web developers, creative designers, and information technology specialists.


While our core team is compact, we possess the flexibility to expand when needed. We frequently collaborate with a network of project-based professionals, including talented copywriters and gifted photo and video editors. This collaborative approach ensures that each client’s unique requirements are not only met but exceeded.



Founder & Technical Director

Bend, OR

James embarked on his journey with a foundation in Computer Science, immersing himself in the realms of IT Systems Management, Business Applications Deployment, and Data Center Operations within the corporate tech space.

After dedicating over a decade to international corporations, James transitioned to establish TechFlora, aiming to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in building their online presence and making business bloom.

Today, as the driving force of TechFlora’s technical team, James meticulously oversees every facet, orchestrating a seamless web development process. From developing customer-friendly business websites to implementing e-commerce solutions and spearheading technology consulting, he ensures impeccable outcomes that consistently exceed expectations.



Co-Owner & Project Manager

Bend, OR

Meet Victoria, the co-owner and Project Manager at TechFlora. With a strong background as a Nationwide Corporate IT & Project Manager, she skillfully manages teams across countries, cultures, and time zones.

Always on the lookout for innovative solutions, Victoria’s tech-savvy mind thrives on automating processes and harnessing technology’s power for your benefit. As a business mentor, she’s committed to optimizing your business’s efficiency at every step.

Moreover, Victoria’s keen eye for design and aesthetics imparts an artistic touch to every project. Her captivating photography has propelled fitness personalities to stardom, attracting ideal clients like bees to nectar. She’s traveled the country for diverse media projects and provided remote guidance to local teams when required.

Meaningful Connections

We cherish the ability to work closely with every business owner and entrepreneur, comprehending their individual needs and ambitions. This personalized touch is our guiding light, and our team’s cohesive nature empowers us to provide tailored solutions for reaching optimal success for our client’s business.