About Us


TechFlora operates as a boutique agency, comprising seven exceptional and dedicated professionals who bring their distinct skills and passion to the forefront. Our team is a vibrant blend of technical developers, creative designers, and diligent research specialists. What sets us apart is that everything is crafted within the walls of our agency, under the watchful eyes of our visionary co-founders, James and Victoria.


While our core team is compact, we possess the flexibility to expand when needed. We frequently collaborate with a network of project-based professionals, including talented copywriters and gifted photo and video editors. This collaborative approach ensures that each client’s unique requirements are not only met but exceeded.




Founder & Technical Director

James embarked on his journey with a foundation in Computer Science, immersing himself in the realms of Unix, server management, and financial forecasting technologies within the corporate tech space. His remarkable ability to swiftly grasp and amplify the potential of new technologies sets him apart.

With over a decade dedicated to international corporations, James transitioned to establish TechFlora, empowering mission-driven entrepreneurs to forge their online ventures.

Today, as the driving force of TechFlora’s technical team, James meticulously oversees every facet, orchestrating a seamless development process. From sculpting user-friendly websites to implementing dynamic e-commerce solutions and spearheading LMS development, he ensures impeccable outcomes that consistently exceed expectations.

James’ innovative approach elevates technology, web development, design, and e-commerce, raising clients’ online visions to new heights. He stands as the catalyst behind every entrepreneurial success story at TechFlora, refining practices, optimizing checkout processes, upsells, and innovative cost-saving strategies.

Entrepreneurs and businesses seeking an iconic brand and thriving online business find an dedicated ally in James. He guides you from inception to realization and beyond, constructing your online business and ensuring a polished image that magnetizes ideal clients and propels financial success.



Co-Owner & Project Manager

Meet Victoria, the co-owner and Project Manager at TechFlora. With a strong background as a Nationwide Corporate IT & Project Manager, she skillfully manages teams across countries, cultures, and time zones.

Victoria’s Project Management expertise is backed by exceptional organization, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Her unwavering dedication to people fuels her ability to build strong connections and foster collaborative environments for growth and success.

Always on the lookout for innovative solutions, Victoria’s tech-savvy mind thrives on automating processes and harnessing technology’s power for your benefit. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she’s committed to optimizing your business’s efficiency at every step.

Years of working with health entrepreneurs and embarking on her wellness journey have fueled Victoria’s passion for health and wellness. As a business mentor, she shares her expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them to success in the digital landscape.

Moreover, Victoria’s keen eye for design and aesthetics imparts an artistic touch to every project. Her captivating photography has propelled fitness personalities to stardom, attracting ideal clients like bees to nectar. She’s traveled the country for diverse media projects and provided remote guidance to local teams when required.

Entrepreneurs and businesses seeking success in the fast-paced digital landscape find an invaluable parter in Victoria. With her comprehensive knowledge and diverse skill sets, she becomes your go-to expert, guiding you adeptly through the evolving world of technology and online business.

Meaningful Connections

Our choice to be a close-knit and agile team is driven by our desire to foster deep and meaningful connections with our clients. We cherish the ability to work closely with every entrepreneur, comprehending their individual needs and ambitions. This personalized touch is our guiding light, and our team’s cohesive nature empowers us to provide tailored solutions for reaching optimal success for every client.