The Founders


Digital Strategist, Branding & PR, Pro Photographer, Web Designer, Energizer Bunny


Digital Strategist, Web Developer, Infrastructure Specialist, Graphic Designer, Computer Nerd

Company Background

We're a boutique online business development company serving small/medium sized businesses around the world. Some of our specialties include online business consulting, website design & development, digital marketing, blogs, social media management, e-book design, branding solutions, logo design, newsletter campaign management, and more.

Between 2001 and 2014, we held several information technology positions at various Los Angeles and New York-based corporations. During that time, we learned a myriad of professional skills, including web application development, web design, Microsoft Windows/OSX/Unix system administration, infrastructure architecture planning and design, virtualization technologies, and various programming languages. In 2014, it suddenly occurred to us, why not take the plunge and do our own thing? We have the smarts, the skills, the entrepreneur mindset, so that's what we did!

What we love about running our company is that we have the capacity to be creative and innovative beyond the red tape of corporate businesses and layers of approvals. Every project we do evolves from a vision, passion, and it holds no boundaries. We take advantage of the latest technologies and solutions to mark each project with perfection and creative flare. We believe in perfecting the tiny details; therefore every project is handled in-house. We value people over profit, and since quality over quantity is our priority, we only take on a handful of projects at the time.